Understanding what gets in your way in life, and what you can do about it can be complicated.
Stephen E. Levick, M.D., Philadelphia psychiatrist

This web site is primarily intended to give the visitor an opportunity to find out more about me as a clinical psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

I feel very fortunate to be a psychiatrist. It is a pleasure to be able to help others by tapping into my extensive training and clinical experience, while staying very present for that person sitting across from me in the office.

 As you are reading this on the web, you may well have discovered that in addition to being a clinical psychiatrist, I am also an author. This web site primarily concerns my clinical work, but regarding my book -- 

Clone Being: Exploring the Psychological and Social Dimensions is the only book published to date that focuses specifically on the psychological and social implications of cloning.

Here are some excerpts from a few of the published reviews:

Cloning pioneer, Ian Wilmut, wrote in The Times of London Higher Education Supplement, that the book provides "the first framework for detailed analysis of the ethical, psychological, and social consequences of human reproductive cloning."

In The Lancet, Dan Bustillos, found the book to be a "welcome refrain to the cloning debate cacophony, and an argument that policymakers ignore at the peril of future generations."

Attesting to the relevance of the book to human issues beyond cloning, L. Brancaccio Taras, in Choice, wrote: "Although human clones do not exist as yet, this well-written, thought-provoking book also covers current issues, such as ethics and sexuality, which are applicable to the psychological development of all humans."

The book's analogical method elucidates a range of likely psychological and social consequences of human reproductive cloning by drawing parallels to the issues faced by step, adopted, and namesaked individuals, the impact of a parent's wish for a self-resembling child, and the complexities faced by offspring of famous people.

Deriving from the book is my chapter opposing human reproductive cloning, included in the textbook, Contemporary Debates in Bioethics (2013), edited by Caplan and Arp.

Individuals from the the media or other organizations wishing to contact me regarding psychological, social, and ethical concerns related to human reproductive cloning or stem cell research may reach me at: stephenelevick@gmail.com, or slevick@mail.med.upenn.edu  I do not often get a chance to check my email until the evening, so it would be best to also phone my office (215-564-6440). If I am unable to answer, please know that I do check my voice mail at least several times daily, and will return your call if you will leave your number.

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